Striving to create opportunities for children from underprivileged backgrounds

The STL-Amandi Foundation (SAF) is a Ghanaian registered non-profit organization that has been set up by the STL Group and its dedicated employees to support and promote the education, health and welfare of the children in our communities. One of STL Group's core business areas is in construction (Amandi) and we use our knowledge and assets to help reconstruct schools and medical centers for the towns and villages in which we work.


SAF has delivered many education, health and welfare-related projects. Here is a snapshot of what we have achieved:

  • Providing assistance and medical treatment for individuals in need.
  • Funding a mobile clinic that provides healthcare services in areas with no access to hospitals.
  • Building and renovating schools with structures that were hazardous for the children attending them.
  • Allocating resources to grants, sponsorships and donations for computer equipment, libraries and all other educational resources required.


For the past few years, SAF has focused its attention on improving the provision of public schools for underprivileged Ghanaian children. These schools are often underfunded.


We give of ourselves

Amandi – the construction arm of STL Group – is responsible for renovating these public schools. Initially, our work is focused on schools in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and schools along the coastline. Over time, we intend to expand our school renovation project into other areas of the country.

In addition to improving the fabric of the school buildings, STL Group's dedicated employees give some of their time each week through the SAF program to support the children who attend these schools. This voluntary work provides extra-curriculum help with language, reading, music, art, photography and other areas in which our staff have knowledge to impart. Our enthusiastic volunteers have been known to bring in musicians and painters to visit the children and encourage their creativity. We always remember to have fun!


The continuous joy of giving back

Technology is the great enabler and SuperTech is delighted to be in a position to exploit it in order to to enhance the educational and employment prospects of the children in our schools. We now sponsor a computer science technical qualification that provides some of our pupils with a scholarship to attend university. Subsequently, these students pay back their college fee by working for STL Group and volunteering in turn so that the next generation of children benefits from the new talent.


Whilst we are proud of our endeavors, we cannot afford to be complacent about our achievements – there is still so much to do. Primary school enrollment levels and staff retention, particularly in rural areas, continue to be a cause for concern at one end of the education spectrum, with high levels of youth unemployment at the other. STL Group cannot resolve all of Ghana’s education and employment challenges singlehandedly, but we are determined to improve our children’s future through continuing our extra curriculum supplement to the standard syllabus and enhancing the infrastructure in which learning takes place.



We aim to give every child in
Ghana an equal chance.

SAF has carried out many projects in the fields of education, health and welfare.

Our extra curriculum work focuses on giving individual attention to each and every child, as well as creating group projects that meet class requirements. The individual attention that these students receive is not only to promote their educational skills, but also to give them a feeling that there is someone there for them, someone who cares.

Children are at the center of everything we do.

The STL-Amandi Foundation exists as a vehicle for STL Group to give back to the communities in which it works. STL invests a large portion of its budget to SAF to enable us to implement new initiatives and to provide continuing support for our existing projects.

At SAF we set ourselves basic guidelines when we undertake all new projects:

  • Starting from the bottom.
    The support and investment provided is allocated to those in need.

  • Work in partnership
    We fulfill our vision of a brighter future through collaboration with those we want to support.

  • Remember who we are working for
    The students of the community are always at the center of our work and all projects are intended to give them practical skills to benefit them along the way.

SAF managed a number of social projects and humanitarian gestures, including:
  • Providing assistance and medical treatment for individuals in need.
  • Funding a mobile clinic that provides healthcare services in areas that have no access to hospitals.
  • Building and renovating schools that are hazardous to those studying in them.
  • Allocating our resources towards grants, sponsorships and donations of computer equipment, libraries and more.

Every child deserves an opportunity to acquire what we know as "the basic needs", such as shelter,
food, love, security and education. SAF focuses its works in Ghana on supporting exactly that with an emphasis
on the existing educational sector, because we believe that education is the main path to development.

We encourage you to read on to learn more about our projects.


At SAF we live and work by the premise that every child deserves to have its basic needs met in terms of shelter, food, love, security and education. We are fortunate to be able to support the provision of education for children living in the Ghanaian communities in which we work. We follow the basic principle, that education is the main path to betterment. With a solid educational foundation, Ghana’s children will have much more improved future prospects.


  • We believe that better education is followed by a brighter future.
  • We strive to create a Ghana where there is equal opportunity for all of its children.
  • We appreciate that all children are different and deserving of individual attention.
  • To give every child in Ghana a better future through education.
  • To reassure every child that there is someone in their life who cares about them.
  • Starting with the primary schools in Accra, we endeavor to reach all of Ghana’s regions.
  • We will not give up until every child benefits from the goals we set.